It’s required to get acquainted with a loyalty program in general and then find out the white label product. The first one offer is a well-known marketing solution for successful interaction with customers. It brings the ability to reward clients for making purchases. Everything is simple: the more you buy, the more you get benefits. There are different types of programs that can be easily implemented.


  • Discount. The client is issued a card, presenting which the buyer receives a fixed discount on goods or services. It can cope with simple implementation and quick support. A few years ago clients often lost their cardholders and forgot to show it to get a discount. Now all the person has to do is to install the digital app and use the ecommerce software in case of need.
  • Bonus. The client receives points for the perfect purchase, which we can spend in the future. Bonuses can be awarded not only for purchases but also on birthdays, for registration, inviting a friend, or performing any other business-targeted action.
  • Affiliate. There are some companies, which provide customers with bonuses or cashback. The industry representatives expand the client base and increase brand awareness.
  • Mixed. Combination of rewards is provided, for example, points are added to discounts. It is advisable to use when switching from a discount to a bonus loyalty program.
  • Club. Users are offered privileges for a subscription or paid participation. It brings the ability to shift part of the costs associated with loyalty to the client without loss of margin.

What is more effective: develop a new one or use a white label solution?

White label is a convenient model of cooperation between two companies: the product developer offers it and the business owner refines this product and sells it under his own brand. All this saves business resources and time for production and increases the conversion of users into buyers. It also allows you to combine different products to create optimal processes for working with clients.

Such a scheme is one of the key advantages for Walletfactory Company –, which in practice means that their client remains in the ecosystem of this service. The client does not leave the marketplace system due to the fact that it is fully customizable and his/her confidence in the service increases, which in turn automates cash flows, splits payments (P2P payments, QR payments, NFC payments), thereby improving processes. Business deals directly with business, not accounting.

All the operations, offers for transfers and payments, and licenses remain under the responsibility of the service. Thus, the organization is responsible for all the steps and is sure to fulfill the client’s desires 100%. The person gets an easily adjustable white label loyalty application that perfectly fits his/her business and brings no risk of losing customers. Moreover, all the data is greatly encrypted, as company specialists pay great attention to the security and understand their responsibility. The mobile app is modern and positively influences the brand’s reputation.

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