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Our Services

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Gift Card Indonesia is the leading gift card and loyalty company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, founded in 2012. We provide end-to-end services in loyalty and gift card industries, including gift card processing and distribution through our corporate sales and retail partners. We are the one stop solution for innovative gifting. We believe in going beyond rewards and building loyalty. 

We help retailers acquire and retain better customers by driving hot customer traffic to their stores through our extensive B2B2C channels.  We define "hot traffic" as people who have money ready to spend because they have received a gift, reward, incentive, loyalty points, or perk.

For the corporates, we provide a universal, practical, and flexible gift. It can be given as incentives for dealers and sales people, door prizes of certain events, prizes for social media quizzes, and many more. We also provide special reward plaform for your company in accordance with your request.


How does it stand out to competitors?

We are the only Indonesian platform with a complete end-to-end solution helping retailers acquire and retain better customers by driving hot customer traffic to their stores through our extensive B2B2C channels.


We Make The Perfect Gift

Let’s be honest here, haven’t we all received that one present we’ve tossed aside because we either didn’t like it or pretty much found impractical? Trust us, we’ve all been through that before. Hence we know why gift cards are the perfect gift for you and your loved ones all around.

Gift cards are the perfect gift of choice. Why? As it allows the recipient to pick out something they will truly love. This way you know your gift will be forever valued and appreciated. You could also buy a gift card for yourself to be rewarded for membership deals from selected retail shops. 


Why do Businesses love Gift Cards?

They love gift cards as it helps the businesses achieve faster growth with prepaid commerce solutions and data collection. It also allows them to boost sales. The main benefit in investing in a gift card program is to make money.

Gift cards help businesses make their customers happy! They allow businesses to build relationships with the purchaser and recipient. When the gift card has a loyalty program, customers can be rewarded with each visit, purchase, and even top up. It enables them to keep up with the wants and needs of their customers.

Gift cards helps businesses grow by recruiting new customers. It has the potential of bringing in at least two new customers into their business, one- the purchaser, two- the recipient. When customers are satisfied, you can be sure they will come back for more.

Feel free to have a chat with us, let us tell you how we can help your business.